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The photos in the slideshow above represent my blog in more ways than one. Beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and love are just some of the topics incorporated into my new and evolving online blog. Here is where I will share both classic and new-age trends, my favorite products, all sorts of tips and tricks, and art in just about every sense of the word. This also acts as a personal diary - as I occasionally share stories as well as my opinion on a number of topics. Whether you are just visiting for the first time, an avid reader, or somewhere in between, welcome to Kamilah.Blog!

—xo, KF

About The Editor


Kamilah Ferrari

Kamilah Ferrari is an American entrepreneur, producer, creative director, writer, fashion model, and actor.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Ferrari moved to the west coast upon graduating high school. Within a year’s time, she found herself living and working in her ultimate destination: Los Angeles, California.

She currently works in business management and marketing; specializing in independent and business branding. She owns and partners with a multitude of companies today. Furthermore, her business roles include content creation and editorial: modeling, writing, and creative directing. 

Ferrari currently resides in Beverly Hills, California. She enjoys singing, dancing, shopping, sports, hiking, and anything outdoors in her spare time.


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