Your Domain Names Are Safe.

Did Your Potential Domain Name Bring You To Our Website?

If you’ve typed in your prospect domain and have landed on this page -  we’ve got your back!

Thousands of domains of similar names and interests have been saved by our automated systems for your personal use.

Websites on our network are reserved through an automated system relating to personal interests and related followings. These key words are obtained from analytics.

Domain names are systematically chosen by followers who share common interests, friends, and even your history in visiting our website and connected social media outlets.

We follow a strict code of ethics and aim to protect both companies and sole proprietors from heightened buy-back domain prices. Your domain is parked on our webhost’s network and is available free of cost. 

Showing proof of relevance to domain name will grant you allocation. This can be proven by messaging from verified/official social media page or name and/or your current website.

We will never ask for legal personal identification.